Umami Mart Registry

Whether you're exploring sado (tea ceremony), curating serving vessels for special guests, or just wanting to fortify your home matcha game with superior traditional handmade wares, look no further than the stunning chawan (tea bowl) from Ninshu. The wide base allows for thorough, even matcha whisking for anything from ceremonial tea service to daily tea prep; the form-factor and durable construction of this bowl are guaranteed to provide performance and pleasure in any setting. If you are not yet on your matcha journey, you can use this bowl's perfect dimensions for other culinarily pursuits, such as chirashi-don, Shio Konbu Cabbage Salad, or just your tamagokakegohan (fried egg on rice [sublime]).

A note on the glaze: Deep obsidian enrobed in luminous gold are reminiscent of captivating silk kimonos. Another premium glaze style, the Zen finish is slow-baked, finding a way to dazzle with subtlety and discretion, forgoing ostentatiousness for pursuit of a quiet and demure aesthetic.

Founded in 1646, the Omuro Kiln was founded to serve Ninnaji Temple of the Omuro Imperial Palace in Kyoto, Japan. Ninnaji is famous for its Omuro Sakura (cherry blossoms) and is a UNESCO world heritage site. The Ninshu brand preserves the handmade ceramic traditions of the Omuro Kiln as the current kilnmaster appointed by Ninnaji Temple. Enjoy these handmade pieces and their subtle differences and glazes ranging from subdued to vibrant and eye-catching. Use these to enhance your coffee, tea, sake, shochu, and beer-drinking experience all while holding a piece of Kyoto's handmade ceramic tradition. 


  • Dimensions: D 4.7in X H 2.36in
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Individually boxed 
  • Made in Kyoto, Japan