Father's Day is June 16

Behold: the laziest of all Lazyass Cookin' recipes I've ever written in the 15 years of this column. This salad is going to make the most uninspired cook weep with joy. I sure did. And with the summer heat coming up, when the last thing you want to do is cook over a hot stove, this is a refreshing, crisp meal that takes two minutes to make. 

I can't take credit for this delicious, ridiculously easy recipe – our shop manager's friend Yurika had told him about it, and it's even on the Kurakon website of recipes for the shio konbu. It's genius.

Before starting, let's talk about cabbage. I love cabbage and it has become a staple in my fridge in the last few years. It's cheap, hearty, and full of vitamins and minerals. And let's be real, it keeps you regular. I like it raw in salads, or stir fried. My daughter will even eat it!

Seriously though, this Shio Konbu Cabbage Salad is the best in both flavor and simplicity. You must try for yourself.

Quarter head of cabbage
2 palmfuls (about 1/2 cup) of shio konbu
Drizzle of roasted sesame oil


1. Cut a head of cabbage into a quarter. Cut out the heart and throw out.

2. Shred cabbage with knife or Benriner. 

As the daughter of a sushi chef, cutting everything with a knife is mandatory in my kitchen even though I HATE julienning vegetables. I actually own a Benriner but I've never used it and Johnny also never uses it cause he's scared it will slice off his finger. So there ya go: shredding by knife it is. Not lazy! Even so, my mom would be so disappointed by the thick, ugly shreds of cabbage here – they should be wispy paper thin slices like this. I bring shame onto my family.

If you want a nice crispy texture to your cabbage, soak in water for 20 minutes. But I'm lazy so I don't do that.

3. Two palmfuls of shio konbu. About half a cup.

Really, use however much konbu you fancy – less or more, it's up to you!

4. Drizzle sesame seed over salad. However much you would usually put olive oil on a salad – eyeball it.

Enjoy with a barley shochu from Iki Island.

You're welcome.