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Well before we opened Umami Mart, Kayoko stumbled across a bottle of Miracle Mile Yuzu Bitters at Bar Keeper in LA. From there, she reached out to proprietor Louis Anderman – and that bottle of Yuzu Bitters would be one of the first products we would carry at our brick and mortar shop in Oakland.

Ten years later, we are elated to announce the release of Umami Mart Bitters by Miracle Mile, an exclusive bitters only sold at our shop. After a few years of R+D and many renditions of this formula, hampered by the pandemic and supply chain issues, this bottle is a labor of love and a testament to our longtime friendship with Anderman, whose unwavering passion for cocktails and bitters inspires us here at Umami Mart.

The final list of ingredients to this bitters includes:
Red miso powder
Burdock root
Gentian root
Cinchona bark
Kokuto sugar

Anderman says: "The red miso was inspired by a cocktail I had from Aly Iwamoto that used a burnt miso syrup. The first couple of test batches I worked with roasting miso paste, but that was a pain to infuse, and then I discovered the miso powder. My intent all along was to only use ingredients grown in or native to Japan, but I did allow myself the cinchona bark, since that works so well with fruit."

Get lush notes of soy sauce, dark dried fruit, gobo (burdock root), kokuto, and kombu, from this bottle, which works as a wonderful base for whisky and rum drinks. Marvel at its deep amber hue. Try our Hanami Cocktail using Baller Whiskey and Mancino Sakura Vermouth!

A big hug, thank you, and kanpai to Louis for working with us on these bitters!

From Our Blog:
Meet Louis Anderman of Miracle Mile Bitters Co. by Kayoko Akabori

Miracle Mile proprietor Louis Anderman recently launched The Drunkard's Almanac with his brother, chronicling cocktail recipes that coincide with a commemorative day. The cocktails range from classic, pre-prohibition drinks, to newer renditions like the notable In Cold Blood recipe in ode to Truman Capote. It is a fun and endlessly fascinating resource not only for recipes but for historical events. Check it out and follow them on Instagram.


  • Capacity: 4 oz
  • Material: Glass bottle with plastic top
  • Made in Los Angeles, CA