Father's Day is June 16

We love ume! This Japanese plum is a small, round fruit that's commonly pickled (umeboshi), added whole to infuse sake (umeshu), and used as a candy and gum flavoring. Its unique, bright taste is both tart and tangy. And it also does a body good – helping with digestion and eliminating toxins.  

Given its flavor profile and health properties, it's only natural that ume would be a great bitters flavor. We're elated to carry Ume Bitters from Los Angeles-based Miracle Mile Bitters Co., a limited annual release.

From Our Blog:
Meet Louis Anderman of Miracle Mile Bitters Co. by Kayoko Akabori

Miracle Mile proprietor Louis Anderman recently launched The Drunkard's Almanac with his brother, chronicling cocktail recipes that coincide with a commemorative day. The cocktails range from classic, pre-prohibition drinks, to newer renditions like the notable In Cold Blood recipe in ode to Truman Capote. It is a fun and endlessly fascinating resource not only for recipes but for historical events. Check it out and follow them on Instagram.


  • Capacity: 4 oz
  • Material: Glass bottle with plastic top
  • Made in Los Angeles, CA