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Brewmaster Miho Imada heads one of our favorite sake breweries, Imada Shuzo. Based in Hiroshima, her brews are bright, mineral-forward, and delights the senses. Here we've put together two sakes by Imada Shuzo: Forgotten Fortune and Moon on the Water

Forgotten Fortune is made with Hattanso, an indigenous rice strain abandoned and forgotten in her hometown. Imada was driven to revive this strain, convinced that it would be ideal for sake-making.

After years of cultivation, Forgotten Fortune is the result. Turns out that this rice is so well suited to Imada’s vision that she uses a high rice polishing ratio of 75%, meaning she only mills 25% of the outer portion of the rice.

Moon on the Water is one of Umami Mart's most popular sakes on the shelves. This junmai ginjo has a heavenly fragrance of sweet pineapples. Although this sake starts elegant and tropical, it delivers a long, bold finish full of pepper and spice.

Hiroshima is known for its oysters and these sake are both wonderful when paired with shellfish and Kusa Pote Sara

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Imada Shuzo Pack features:

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