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We here at Umami Mart already know about the miracle of shio koji. Since 2016, we've used it on everything. From nagaimo to tofu to duck. We've pretty much stuffed it down everyone's throats with event after event.

We are pros at using shio koji, but every now and then, shio koji poses a challenge. When you cook it for too long, it can burn. This Liquid Shio Koji solves the problem. Just marinate your meat or vegetables as usual – and since this is a liquid version, there is no chunky residue that you have to wipe off. 

In addition to marinated meats and vegetables, add a dash of Liquid Shio Koji to pasta sauces, salad dressings and soups for an added umami punch.

Recipe From Our Blog:
Japanify: L.S.K. Salmon Two Ways by Yoko Kumano
Japanify: Niku Soba by Yoko Kumano


  • Capacity: 17 oz
  • Material: Plastic bottle
  • Ingredients: rice, water, salt, ethyl alcohol
  • Made in Japan