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Yakitori Bunraku in Tokyo

A good friend of mine is in Tokyo right now and he wanted a shortlist of places to eat. As a tourist, you usually do want to be armed with a list from someone you know of where to dine while traveling. You don't want...

Adventures in Nakano: Yakitori at Shimon-ya

One of the most memorable nights I had in Tokyo was an adventure in Nakano, a hip neighborhood in Tokyo. We met up with our friend and Umami Mart writer Will, aka The Ramen Shaman, along with Eri, who suggested a yakitori joint called...

Postcard from Tokyo

Yakitori at a cramped stall in Omoide-yokocho (Memory Lane) in Shinjuku. The skewer came in a weird soup. Master called it "henna soup". It was tonkotsu-ish.