Japanify: How to Make Matcha

The first time I learned how to make matcha was from my grandmother, Baba-chan, in Tokyo. I was in second grade when she first showed me how to make matcha. I quickly forgot about it when I moved back to California in...

Event Recap

Event Recap: MUJI x Umami Mart

When MUJI came to us last year to put on a collaborative event together, Yoko and I did not not hesitate to say YES. A leading retailer in Japan, MUJI has been around for decades, outfitting people's homes, kitchens, wardrobes and backpacks full of...


Japanify: Yuzu Ginger Tea

It's that time of the year, when my well-windowed apartment gets really cold and I have to bring out multiple space heaters to supplement the un-strategically placed central heater that seems to whisper lukewarm puffs of air. Luckily, my Zojirushi water boiler and warmer just arrived in...

Ukon no Chikara

The marketing concept of drinking an ukon extract drink like Ukon no Chikara (rough translation: Tumeric's Power)