Father's Day is June 16

Gyū-don w/ tokyo negi, chive points, tofu and shichimi 

Serves 2 

1/2 lb thinly sliced beef
1/2 block tofu (cut into 9 pieces)
1 stick of tokyo negi (you can use regular green onion or yellow onion)
3/4 cup of beef stock or dashi
2 tbl sake
2 tbl mirin sweet cooking sake
3 tbl soy sauce
2 teaspoon sugar
6 chive sticks
donburi (bowl) portion of rice


1. Prepare the ingredients. Cut the beef into bite size pieces. Cut most of green part of tokyo negi and slice diagonally (not too big). Cut chives 1 inch long with points on the end, and chop the rest. Cut tofu into thirds all round making 9 pieces.

2. Put stock and sake into a pot and bring to a boil. Put negi in and when softened, add beef. When beef starts to cook, add sugar and mirin. Simmer for 2-3 minutes and let everything cook together. Skim off foam frequently.

3. Add tofu, then pour soy sauce into the pot and simmer over low heat until liquid is reduced to about 2/3. Make sure the tofu is hot.

4. Put rice in bowl. Place beef, tofu, tokyo negi mix on top of rice and garnish with chives and shichimi (7 spice chili mix). I like to stick some of the chive sticks into the tofu for visual stimulation.

5. Eat before your cats get to it. Cleo! Don't you dare think about it!


*Kid Skwid is a sous chef at Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills. On his rare days off, he enjoys riding his bike around LA and going to the beach. Follow him on Instagram (@kidskwid5) to see his latest gourmet breakfasts at Casa de Kei.