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Sori Yanagi became a household name in post-WWII Japan, for his everyday objects like furniture, toys, cars, and kitchen utensils. His products married traditional Japanese craft with Western industrial design, creating objects that were succinct and practical in design. Sori Yanagi was prolific for most of his life, working well into advanced age. He died at age 96 in 2011, but today, he remains one of the most respected and influential designers of the modern age.

At Umami Mart, we carry four Sori Yanagi products:

The Sori Yanagi Can Opener

Designed in 1970, the Sori Yanagi Can Opener continues to be well-loved for its ergonomic and efficient design. Although these are our newest Yanagi collection offering, unfortunately, they may be the first to permanently sell out. They are limited in quantity, due to the fact that Kopf has recently stopped producing them. Still, we had to bring them into the shop because they work like a dream! Kayoko is the Sori Yanagi Can Opener's biggest fan, claiming it works so well that it's "the last can opener you'll ever need to buy in your life!"

The Sori Yanagi Kettle

The Sori Yanagi Kettle was designed in 1994. It's produced in Niigata, a part of Japan that we often visit, that's well-known for its high-quality stainless manufacturing and dry, clean, and pure sakes. This kettle is almost entirely made by hand, with about 15 different factories involved in its production. It's light, yet durable, with a wide-bottom designed for rapid boiling. The Sori Yanagi Kettle was the winner of the Good Design Award in 1998, and continues to be Yanagi's best-selling product ever.

The Sori Yanagi Sake Glass

Created in the 1970s, the Sori Yanagi Sake Glass' inverted bell shape was designed for enjoying chilled sake. The story goes that Sori Yanagi took two years to find the perfect glass shape that enhances the sake drinking experience.

The Sori Yanagi Muddler Spoon

The Sori Yanagi Muddler Spoon was designed in 1974. Made in Niigata using high-quality stainless steel, these weighty barspoons are a delight for mixing cocktails, like highballs.