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Try our favorite yuzu pantry items!

Yuzu makes everything taste brighter! Add some pizzazz to marinades, sauces or sprinkle over your favorite fried foods.

Yuzu and chicken are a classic pairing in Japanese cuisine. Try using this finishing salt on grilled chicken or asparagus.

Add a touch of yuzu – an Asian citrus with a subtle, bright flavor – to your next recipe with Yakami Orchard's Yuzu Juice. Made with 100% pure yuzu grown in the Miyazaki region of Japan, this juice can be used in salad dressings, dipping sauces, cocktails, and desserts.

Yakima Orchard's Yuzu Marmalade is made simply with yuzu fruit and rind, sugar, and honey. Back in the day, yuzu marmalade was a food that only Japanese royalty could enjoy. Luckily, today, the rest of us can partake, too. Try this yuzu marmalade on toast, in marinades and sauces, cocktails, and more.GREEN YUZU KOSHO
Yuzu Kosho is a Japanese paste made with fresh chilis fermented with yuzu (a Japanese citrus) and salt.  Great for udon, nabe, soba, and dabbing on grilled meats, this savory, spicy paste is a mixture of unripe, green yuzu peels and green chiles. 

Distilled in Wakayama, famous for its ume (Japanese plum), this Yuzu Umeshu (plum liqueur) is sweet and sour with a kick – thanks to the pleasant marriage of ume, yuzu, and shochu. We recommend trying this umeshu on the rocks or with soda.
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