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Happy Shochu'sday!

We had incredible shochu times last week with @honkakuspirits founder and Japanese drinks expert @christopherpellegrini in the house for our first in-person bar event since the start of the pandemic! Not to mention our first spirits tasting at our bar!!!! Thank you to all you locals who came out for the super fun event with Christopher.

With summer winding down – as Labor Day is right around the corner (put those white pants away, sorry) – I thought this would be the perfect time to sip on Rihei Ginger Shochu. Coming in strong at 38% ABV, this genshu (tank strength) shochu is lovely on its own or works magically in cocktails, thanks to the extra alcohol boost. Get notes of Miyazaki-grown ginger – spicy and aromatic – as well as green apple candy and a citrus peel zing.

I took this with me on a recent girl's trip to Santa Cruz where my BFF and I sipped on this on the rocks while watching trash cable network television (Money Hungry) and listening to the crashing waves of the Pacific. Ah, Summer 2021, you were good to us with glints of hope for pandemic’s end. You betcha I'll be sipping on Rihei Ginger oyuwari style (with hot water) this winter!


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