Father's Day is June 16

Happy Shochu'sday!

We've recently received a shipment of Selephant Kokuto Shochu, imported by our friends Stephen and Christopher of @honkaku.spirits and @japandistilled . This is truly a special kokuto shochu which we can't get enough of here. It is such a rad expression of kokuto (black sugar) and koji – you truly get the richness of each unique ingredient, yet it is masterfully combined together to create a sexy, addictive potion.

What does kokuto taste like, you may ask? It's such an unrefined sugar that is so much more aromatic and full of umami and minerality than the brown sugar we get here in the States (which often is just white sugar with molasses added back to it). Get notes of honey, anise, and iron in kokuto – in this shochu you'll get this plus flowers and a bit of lime peel. Selephant is great with soda, and absolutely mind-blowing in an iced coffee.

The story behind the creator of Selephant is equally exuberant. Selena Nishihira is the distillery's toji, and a musician. She returned to her native Amami Islands to take over her family distillery on the condition that she can still play music, and she even opened a venue on the distillery site! I love that and can’t wait to visit.

Listen to Selena's dynamic music on Spotify! And if you can, take Selephant with you to the woods and enjoy amidst nature.




Column: Shochu'sday


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