Umami Mart Registry

Today I want to go back to 2009, when our resident beer specialist CJ wrote a six-part guide to home brewing, right here on Umami Mart. It is a very comprehensive read for anyone trying to start their own batch of beer at home. Seem intimidating? Sure it is! Making beer is a huge time commitment, and you have to be a super anal neat freak so no bacteria gets into your beer.

That said, CJ has a way of explaining this all in a straightforward, no-nonsense way that makes it all geeky and FUN -- breaking it down into six steps:

1. A Trip to the Home Brew Supply Store
2. The Boil
3. Fermentation
4. Moving to Secondary Fermentation
5. Bottling
6. Drink It!

Enjoy! Please invite us over once Step 6 has been completed.