Father's Day is June 16

Check out what we're gifting this holiday season!

Hard Strong Fino Rocks Glass
"I got this as a sample glass, and it's become my favorite glass for any occasion. I drink shochu out of it. My partner drinks wine out of it. I've made Negronis in this. Anytime I have guests come over, they always ask about this glass. I convinced Kayoko to bring this in and it's been flying off the shelf ever since we brought it in!"
- Chris, Manager

Chips Mugs
"I love how sturdy these mugs are, and how the handle fits perfectly in your hand. They're the perfect size for a nice cup of coffee in the morning, and the colors are so cute! The Splash White Chips Mug reminds me of birthday cake."
- Bee, Shopkeeper

Hinoki Bath Mat
"There are three reasons I love my Hinoki Bath Mat:
1) Every time I step in and out of the shower, I get a mini massage on my feet;
2) It keeps my bathroom smelling like a Japanese cypress forest;
3) I never have to launder or deal with a moldy fabric-based bath mat."
- Yoko, Co-Founder

Umami Mart Japanese Spice Set
"You can literally use it on every meal. I like to use the togarashi in my bootleg ramen and ume-shiso furikake in soups."
- Mike, Online Shipper

Sake + Shochu Talk
"Not only do I have a soft spot for zines, but this is a fun, easy-to-read guide if you know someone who is dipping their toes into the world of sake and shochu. This would be a really fun stocking stuffer, or great to pair with a delicious bottle of shochu or sake (or both!)."
- Kara, Shopkeeper

Mugon Rice Shochu
"This kome shochu has been aged for over ten years in Evergreen Oak barrels. It has the oaky body and high proof you'd expect from a classy whisky, with all the umami and clean cane sugar notes of a honkaku rice shochu. It ticks all the boxes for me. Reach for this when you want a unique spirit to accompany your feistier evenings. Drink neat or in a highball." 
- Ian, Shopkeeper

Curved Metal Flask
"1. It packs eight ounces of your favorite booze in a sleek, sexy package.
2. Yukiwa Stainless Steel is incredible. You won't find a better made flask anywhere.
3. It comes with a cute little serving cup!"
- Brad, Bartender

Shochu Gumi
"We just launched Shochu Gumi, the sister club to our popular Sake Gumi. Get two bottles of shochu quarterly, hand-picked by ME! You know I love shochu so I'll only pick the creme de la creme for clubbers. We'll have fun events and tastings too. If you don't know what shochu is... you're missing out!"
- Kayoko, Co-Founder



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