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Just in time for Father's Day, we're putting all of our knives from Japan on sale at 25% off! That's right, all of them - now through Sunday only. Can't make it to the store? Order online for shipping or in-store pickup (if you're a local)!

Here is a little more info on our knives so you can properly choose which one would be best for Dad (or you!). 

Paring Knives by Suncraft ($10.50, reg. $14):
This stylish paring knife has a razor-sharp, stainless steel blade, with a wooden sheath.

Professional Series Paring Knife by MAC ($60, reg. $80)
This small paring knife is the most common size for peeling and paring; great for precision or intricate work on a cutting board. 

Santoku Knife by MAC ($71.25, reg. $95):
santoku all-purpose kitchen knife is the most versatile tool one can have in their kitchen. MAC knives have a thin blade so cuts are effortless. 

Nakiri Knife by MAC ($90, reg. $120):
This knife by MAC is a double-edged usuba (vegetable knife) used for thinly slicing fruits and vegetables; and can also be used for slicing meats and seafood!

Seki Cleaver by Suncraft ($52.50, reg. $70)
The beauty of this cleaver is its versatility – can be used for steaks, filets, chickens, and vegetables, as well as cutting through bones.

Deba Houchou by Hokiyama ($135, reg. $180):
Deba knives are Japanese style kitchen carvers primarily used to cut fish, though also used when cutting meat.

Carbon Steel Yanagi Knife by Masamoto ($375, reg. $500):
This knife is made by hand-forging high carbon steel with iron. The result is a knife that is easy to sharpen and cuts through fish and meat like butter. 

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