Father's Day is June 16

Yoko and I are elated to announce that we are MOVING our shop! But don't worry, we'll only be two miles up the road, on Broadway, in Oakland! 

This is something that we've been working on on-the-sly for about a year now. It's bittersweet for us, as we love our neighbors, lunches in Chinatown, and have made so many amazing memories at 815 Broadway through the last 6+ years. 

But an opportunity presented itself that we absolutely could not turn down. And Yoko and I are all about new adventures!

Here's a short FAQ that will hopefully answer some questions:

Why move? 
Because we wanted a sake tasting room!

Why couldn't we just open a tasting room in our current space? 
Restrictions with our permits and licenses.

When do you move?  
We close from April 15-30, and soft open at our new location on May 1.

Where will you be located?
4027 Broadway, Oakland, at 40th Street, in good company next to Copper Spoon, Teni East Kitchen, Clove & Hoof, and Bernal Cutlery! Woot!

Is it a bigger space?
Not really, after accounting for the tasting room.

Did you hire a design team for the new space?
Yes, the same team we have been working with since 2012: Anders Arhoj of Studio Arhoj and Manual Labor!

Where will the tasting room be located?
At the back of the shop.

What will you serve at the tasting room?
Sakes, Japanese beers, and shochus. We will also have special spirits tastings with distillers and makers!

Will you serve food? 
No prepared foods. Conbini snacks only.

Will you still be selling barware, glassware, sakes, and spirits from Japan?
Most certainly! We will always be celebrating drinks, design + Japan – even more so with a tasting room!


The space used to be a burrito shop (very fitting since we love burritos) and was completely gutted in preparation for our new residence. This meant that we had complete freedom to reenvision the space with Anders and Manual Labor (yay); however, building out such a raw space has its twists and turns with contractors, city planners, and inspectors (not so fun). All we can say is that fingers crossed, we'll be open on May 1.

Here are some snapshots of our space now! 

You see that we're not quite ready to open our doors yet!

Cheers from Yoko, me, Joe + Devin of Manual Labor, and Anders of Studio Arhoj. Go team!

We'll see you at 4027 Broadway (hopefully) on May 1!  



  • Omedeto!! for opening new located store!! Kayoko san and Yoko san, your moving dance was so cute!!!

    Yoko and Michael Glogowsky on

  • Congrats!! I soooooo look forward to experiencing your new space!

    Rob on

  • Congratulations! So excited for your new adventure and can’t wait to come visit at your new spot! All the best to you : )

    Lisa Oyama on

  • Hip hip hurray!!! That dance video needs some tunes to go with it. Maybe you should have a contest where folks submit the music that fits for them.

    So proud of my sake girls.

    Sir Richard of Marin on

  • How close to BART is the new location?

    Robert Ferguson on

  • congrats on the move!

    d jones on

  • You will also be close to my favorite taco stand, Tacos Oscar, and my favorite record store, 1-2-3-4 GO! Congratulations and good luck

    David Kurtz on

  • Congrats, Umamifriends! I am SOOOOO excited that you are going to be MY NEIGHBOR!!! Can’t wait to see you all soon cuz I miss uuuuuuu

    Christina Chung on

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