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Black Garlic Glazed Sweet Potatoes

As soon as daylight savings ends, my body tells me: feed me sweet potatoes. They are comforting, filling, and full in vitamin A and C to help combat colds during the flu season (I also get a flu shot every year). In the retail world, not getting sick is crucial because from Thanksgiving to Christmas, we have to be on every day.

When I discovered this new condiment, 100% Black Garlic Glaze, I was so curious. The ingredients literally state: 100% Black Garlic. It's recommended to use on marinades and ice cream, but I found it most delicious to dress up my beloved sweet potatoes. I admit, I tried to marinate chicken with it, but it proved too mellow and the garlic flavor was lost. I found that slathering it on vegetables right before baking was a better application than marinating meat.


2 sweet potatoes, approximately 10 oz each
I like to use Japanese sweet potatoes (sometimes labeled, Okinawa), but whatever you can find at the store including the common Garnet should work

2 tbsp 100% Black Garlic Glaze

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp shio koji


1. Preheat oven to 350°F.

2. Boil sweet potatoes until tender (it will take approximately 30-40 to boil two potatoes). After boiling, wait about 20 min for the potatoes to cool down.

Black Garlic Glazed Sweet Potatoes

3. Cut into 1-2 inch bite-sized pieces and place in a mixing bowl.

Black Garlic Glazed Sweet Potatoes

4. Mix the Black Garlic Glaze, olive oil and shio koji in a small bowl.

Black Garlic Glazed Sweet Potatoes

5. Combine the glaze mixture with the potatoes and give it a light toss.

6. Place in a baking dish. I used a 9"x 9" Pyrex dish.

Black Garlic Glazed Sweet Potatoes

7. Bake for 20-30 minutes. Serve immediately.

Black Garlic Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are one of those power foods that also taste amazing. In this one dish, you get sweet and savory flavors, vitamins, and fiber. I was happy to discover that the sweet and umamiful black garlic glaze was a fitting complement to sweet potatoes.

Black Garlic Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Join us this Saturday for a free tasting of the glaze and our marmalades! 

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