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All hail the captain! This is an mind-blowing bottle that we are just starting to explore after having it on our shelves since the holidays. Aged for 10 years in oak barrels, this genshu (cask strength), 100% barley shochu is limited to only 20,000 bottles a year. We don't get many shochus from Nagasaki, so this is a unique one that all shochu and Scotch lovers should try. It'll make the perfect Father's Day gift!

Get notes of butterscotch, charcoal, and woodsy campfire vibes. Enjoy on the rocks or oyuwari (with hot water). Pair with Chinese food like wontons and mapo tofu!

And this label and history is just so cool. It's named after capitão, the Portugese word for captain, which refers to the trading house director in Hirado, Nagasaki, during the sakoku (isolation) era (17th-19th centuries). Nagasaki was a major trading hub back in the day and remains very international today. Yoko's grandma is from there!

This shochu should be a classic, like Miles Davis' Kind of Blue. Kanpai!

Column: Shochu'sday


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