Father's Day is June 16

4 mini pork sausage links (Satokun sausage from Mitsuwa or Nijiya)
1/2 avocado (sliced thin)
3 shiso leaves
1 heirloom tomato (small and thick slices)
1/2 pack bunshimeji mushroom (sautéed and seasoned with salt)
3 tbsp chili aioli (mayo, siriacha and sesame oil)
1 brioche bun (sliced in 1/2 and toasted)

Stack layers: bottom bun, chili aioli, avocado, sausage, sautéed mushroom, tomato, shiso, chili aioli spread and top part of bun!

*Kid Skwid is a sous chef at Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills. On his rare days off, he enjoys riding his bike around LA and going to the beach. Follow him on Instagram (@kidskwid5) to see his gourmet breakfasts at Casa de Kei.