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Here at Umami Mart, we are always geeking out on very specific subjects. Whether it's shochu, shio-koji or baking the perfect macaron, we usually trek farther and deeper into the realms of food/drink subject matter and then, we blog about it.

These days, we're thinking about ice. Pfffff, ice, you may be thinking. Ice is free! All you need is water and a freezer!!! you say. But really, it's an overlooked luxury. In my household, I'm in charge of making the ice and I really take the job seriously. Why? Cause there's nothing more upsetting than coming home from a crappy day at work and you really need a cocktail and you get everything ready to make one and you open the freezer door and... WHERE THE FUCK IS THE ICE?!?!?!?

See what I'm talking about? And this isn't just a dilemma for those like me who don't have an ice-maker in our freezer. Let me tell you that my parents have a state-of-the-art freezer with a fancy ice making machine which craps out on them all the time. So they are NOT happy when they get home from being in their restaurant for 15 hours and all they want is a shochu on the rocks and... WHERE THE FUCK IS THE ICE?!?!?!?

It's just so sad when there's no ice in the freezer. Cause ice needs one precious thing that we can't, in this age of instant gratification, get so instantaneously: TIME.

So yes, I'm thinking a lot about ice lately and want to learn more. Who else to get a tutorial from than the guys at Prizefighter in Emeryville? We met Mr. Jon Santer for the first time at our SF-Tokyo Bartender Salon, which was held at the just-opened Prizefighter. It's been a couple years now since that event but we love collaborating with them when we can. When we asked Jon if he would be in our ICE VIDEO, we were so happy that he said HELL YES!

Without further ado, here's our first installment of ICE AT PRIZEFIGHTER. We captured Jon talking about all the different ice available at Prizefighter, and Dylan chainsawing a 200lb block of ice. That's right! Directed, edited and produced by the very talented YOKO KUMANO.

Column: Why Ice Matters


  • But where do they order that lovely, absolutely clear, huge block of ice from?

    Brad on

  • Oh my goodness, this is brilliant! So well shot and I can’t wait to see the next one is in the series! Bravo!

    Erin on

  • @Erin Yay! That means so much coming from you, a visual genius. Working on the next one…

    @Brad I believe they get it from a place called the SF Ice Company. It comes from a Clinebell ice machine.

    yoko on

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