Remember this post about Limited Edition Conbini Candy? I’m happy to report that several years on, Japan is just as obsessed with Limited Edition Candy as it was before. Here’s a summer 2017 snippet of some seasonal sweets on Japan’s conbini shelves - some super, some strange. I haven’t tried most of them (you’ll see why in a moment), but if you’re in Japan and you’re so inclined, you should check them out.

First up: yogurt-flavored Kit Kat balls. They don’t look all that bad and the packaging even notes: FOR ALL THE FANS! WE’VE KEPT YOU WAITING!

Mushroom Mountains are still kind of strange-cute, whatever flavor they are. But red beans? Absolutely not my jam.

Summer is for salt-flavored candy, ‘cause you sweat - how thoughtful of these candy makers - which pairs well with vanilla. These Alfort dark cocoa cookies have a vanilla white chocolate layer with a hint of salt. Salt from Ishigaki in Okinawa, no less. These were delicious. Hunt them down.

Domestic salt? Please. Dars uses fancy French salt from Lorraine. Lo-re-nu.

On a tropical note: Thick Coconut Milk Blanchul - langue du chat biscuits sandwiched with a coconut milk-flavored filling. A little Googling reveals that blanchul is a portmanteau of blanche (white) and, um, chul. Which is apparently a kind of lace. I have absolutely no idea whether this is a word that exists in French, but tell us if you know about it. 

On the left is chocolate-orange HORN - a cocoa wafer-like biscuit sandwiching this gentle orange cream, so fucking delicious I immediately bought four more boxes. Zero regrets.

Plum wine flavored chocolate biscuits. No further explanation required.

These are curry-flavored rice cracker snacks called Kari-Kari, which is an onomatopoeia for “crispy.” Geddit? This is exactly the kind of sad joke that I love.

The kind of packaging aimed at people who know what Cinnamonroll is, and who already know about LOOK. A cursory glance explains nothing.

BAKE - a nice crunch-bite on the outside yielding to a softer interior. Quite good. And mint-flavored! So summer, so normal.

I would not pay money to eat a coriander-flavored BAKE, though if you gave me a box. I would certainly tell you what I thought of them.

I’ve just started keeping a list of stranger Pocky flavors spotted in convenience stores. Here’s the first one that made the list: Sunny Apples of Happiness.

Sweet n’ sour lemon cream-covered Pocky sticks. At least it wasn’t a Golden Shower.

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  • I think “chul” might be a phonetic rendering of “tulle”, which can loosely be considered a kind of lace.

    Marie on

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