Umami Mart Registry

It's a cool, cool summer. At least in the Bay Area, where we're getting fogged-in a bit this week. Still, when summertime comes around, we're all about eating chilled foods, like Hiyashi Chuka, Cold Tofu Salad, Cha-Soba, and Nikumiso Udon. Our two new Studio Arhoj Summer Bowls are perfect for tucking in to cold dishes. Their wide, open shape allows food to stay nice and refreshingly cool.

Handmade by Studio Arhoj in Copenhagen, Summer Bowls come in two finishes: Llama Fur is dipped in an off-white glossy glaze and Black Sheep is dipped in a matte black glaze. Not only do these bowls integrate easily with most tableware, but the colors of food dramatically pop set against these simple, neutrally-hued bowls. Picture this Tuna Sashimi, Avocado, and Shiso Rice Bowl in the Black Sheep, for example. That'd be one sexy tekkadon!