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Emiko Kaji of Nikka Whisky loves drinking Yoichi Single Malt during the cold winter months, preferably in front of a roaring fire.

If you enjoy a peaty whisky, this bottle is for you. Aged in sherry and bourbon barrels, Yoichi Single Malt is a bright expression of its terroir, with notes of pine. The distillery is located along the coast, creating the whisky’s signature briny-ness, similar to whiskies of the Islay.

As the cold melts away and spring arrives, Emiko enjoys the Miyagikyo Single Malt on the rocks. 

This single malt uses less peaty malt than Yoichi Single Malt (above), and is distilled in a pot still heated by indirect steam – all lending to the mild fruitiness with dry hints of vanilla, with strong influences from the Sherry cask. Miyagikyo distillery is Nikka's second distillery, built in 1969.

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