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We just received a shipment of new glassware from Japan, just in time for the holidays.

Hard Strong Platinum Martini Glass: A new product by Toyo-Sasaki, this Martini glass is as attractive as it is durable. The elegant glass is protected with the highest in Hard Strong technology, the Platinum grade. So rest assured that this will resist against chipping and breakage around the rim of the glass. 

Hard Strong Wine Glass: We are always breaking our wine glasses, so we decided to import a Hard Strong version. Behold, a chip-resistant wine glass! This elegant Bordeaux glass is armed with Hard Strong Gold technology, which will protect against chipping and breakage around the rim of the glass. 

Glass Juicer: Use this retro glass juicer to squeeze lemons, limes, and other citrus. Thanks to the spout, you can pour out the juice effortlessly. And check out the handy hole so you can hang it!