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TCHO Umamiventure

My first introduction to TCHO chocolates was in 2007, working in New York City. My friend Fumiko, who worked closely with Silicon Valley techie innovators, handed me a bar and told me that it was the next big thing in chocolate.

She was right.

Started by the founders of Wired magazine, TCHO is the only chocolate factory in San Francisco, located right on Pier 17. The company keep their chocolates simple: dark, with only four variations (Chocolatey, Fruity, Citrus, and Nutty). It's a perfectly square bar, with a sleek, futuristic packaging design.

TCHO also has a social mission, which is to go beyond the ordinary Fair Trade regulations by working directly with cocoa farmers, helping them grow better beans, so they can become premium producers. [Not unlike Four Barrel Coffee's mission].

Which is all to say, TCHO is awesome! I have been begging and pleading for a tour for the last year, and finally! I'm able to bring you all Umamiventure #32: a factory tour + tasting of TCHO! Yippee!

Join me on Sunday 3/13 at 3:30pm for this private, super fun tour of TCHO factory. We'll have our very own guide, who will talk about the history of TCHO, their sourcing and production methods, and take us through their huge facility and all the awesome innovative techie equipment (the factory won't be in operation during our visit, but watch this awesome CNET video for the action).

A big highlight of our Umamiventure will be an extensive tasting of ALL their products (their four single-origin bars, "TCHOPro Baking Blends" and nibs). You will also get a 10% off discount card for the TCHO shop, on the day of our visit. Holla!

Tickets are $10 advance/ $15 at the door. Price includes tour, tasting, discussion, and guaranteed good times. Space is limited, so please buy your tickets now (via the Eventbrite page)!

And yes, it's true, tours are now open to the public for free. But they are usually sold out weeks in advance, which is why I organized this event directly with the TCHO folks, with many perks you wouldn't get on the public tour. Besides, don't you want to hang out with other Umamimart readers and writers? And ME????

Looking forward to seeing everyone! Cheers!

*Photo courtesy of TCHO.