Father's Day is June 16

Are you still using that cheap and dull Ikea knife that you mysteriously inherited several years ago from some roommate or other? If the answer is yes, we have a tool that's going to change your cooking prep game. If the answer is no, good for you, but you should still read on!

The MAC Santoku Knife is a reliably great everyday chef knife for all entry levels, from occasional home cook to professional chef. In fact, Thomas Keller and Eric Ripert are MAC Knife afficionados! What's all the fuss about? Made in Japan with a 8-1/2" inch blade forged from molybdenum steel (the same metal used to make samurai swords back in the day), the MAC Santoku knife is sturdy, well-balanced, and made to handle all means of slicing, dicing, and mincing.This knife will last you a lifetime (with proper handling and regular sharpening, natch), so please, for the love of god, bid adieu to that Ikea knife and say hello to MAC, the knife.

Read more and buy the MAC Santoku knife on umamimart.com.