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2010 was totally jam-packed, wasn't it? Back in February the site got a facelift, and fast forward to November when we launched our first line for the Umamimart Shop. We organized nine successful Umamiventures throughout the year, in the Bay Area, NYC and LA, and of course there were so many awesome posts. I would say that it was certainly a big year for Umamimart.

And onwards we go into 2011, which I predict will be Harder, Better, Faster + Stronger. We've got brilliant things in store for the year, so get excited. Monthly Umamiventures to organize (in SF, NYC and beyond), Spring and Fall lines to introduce over at the Shop (with two new Umamimart Featured Artists!), and we'll be launching UmamiMaps for your handy use. And as always, we'll have completely original, highly informative posts everyday by our clever writers-- chock full of lol moments (often perverse, beware).

For me, I have no resolutions, as this article advised me to abandon them immediately. Instead, I got a new tv (my very first one!), so I'm embracing the local news in 2011. And reruns of Twin Peaks, Arrested D, Daria, Curb Your Enthusiasm, True Blood, Tim & Eric, et al. Cannot wait!

Thanks for reading, always. Cheers to a healthy and joyful year! We've officially entered the year of the rabbit. Go ahead and eat one. Braised or roasted.

*Photo by Travis LoDolce at Pistols Drawn. It's the perfect apple. Bite me.


  • Aw, Erik, thanks!
    Your Savoy Cocktail Project is almost complete! What’s in store next? SO EXCITING!!!

    Kayoko on

  • I think, “cuter, faster, fluffier, and bouncier,” would be more appropriate for the Year of the Rabbit.

    Congratulations Kayoko and good luck in the new year!

    erik_ellestad on

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