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From Studio Arhoj's Tokyo Series, the Fluffy Unicorn Slurp Cups, Sip Cups and Munch Bowls are a stylish, psychedelic way to enjoy a serving of granola and yogurt, noodles or rice. 

Designer Anders Arhoj says of the series: "The Fluffy Unicorn look was developed based on a series of experiments trying to achieve a fade of pastel colors on top of each other. The shimmer of different textures and glazes melt together at a certain top temperature of the firing (2300˚F) and unite into one beautiful surface. The series comes with three differently glazed ‘guts’ because as usual we can’t make a decision when deciding on colors."

The Fluffy Unicorn Munch Bowl was recently featured in San Francisco Chronicle's Style Guide. Check out the entire Fluffy Unicorn Collection!

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