Father's Day is June 16

Create your own kissaten (Japanese coffee shop) with our new Hario coffee tools! From the Bona Kettle to the Metal Drip Coffee Decanter, we've got the tools to get from bean to cup.

The enamel Bona Kettle is non-porous for clean and clear water – plus it's easy-to-clean, and quite handsome! The long neck is ideal for a steady, slow pour for the perfect cup of coffee. And with a wide angled handle, this kettle is ergonomic and functional.

We love the Hario Metal Drip Coffee Decanter. Gone are the days of panicking that you are on your last paper filter and then going on the hunt for new ones (last resort: paper towels). Clean up is easy with this reusable stainless steel drip cone – just empty the grounds and load it up in the dishwasher. An ample capacity of over 23 ounces means there's plenty of coffee to go around.

Check out the entire Kissaten Collection!

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