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Japanify Mugi-cha

Growing up in Cupertino, mugi-cha (barley tea) is something my mom would always have on the ready, in the fridge. After a long bike ride around the neighborhood with friends, mugi-cha on ice was a thirst quencher that signaled the summer. 

Mugi-cha has a roasted, nutty, smoky flavor with a slight flavor of caramel. There is no need to add sugar, and there's no caffeine, making it a perfect substitute for sugary sodas and juices. Mugi-cha is caffeine-free, rich in vitamins, and antioxidants. It is said to help prevent diabetes and lower cholesterol.

To soak up the summer this year, I'd like spend more time in my backyard. A friend recently gifted me a retro-green Weber grill as he was moving. I'm looking forward to a season of grilled corn on the cob slathered with butter and soy sauce with an ice-cold of glasses of mugi-cha. 


4 oz Edo Mugi-cha
64 oz water


Hario V60 Cold Brew Maker
Admittedly, this is actually a cold brew coffee maker. But we've created a new use for this unitasker to double as an iced tea maker! 

Hard Strong Highballs + Collins Glasses


1. Put the mugi-cha pellets in V60 Cold Brew Maker strainer.

If using the V60, pour water through the strainer to the top, where the strainer mesh meets the plastic. 

If using Loose Leaf Tea Bags, put the bags in a pitcher and pour water into the pitcher.

3. Leave in the refridgerator for 8-10 hours.

4. Remove strainer portion or tea bags. You can also leave the tea in the pitcher and re-brew up to two times. 

Japanify Mugi-cha