Father's Day is June 16

So far, this year has been an exciting year of events. And oh boy did y'all show up for NamaFest! It was a smashing event and the rain in the forecast did not deter anyone from celebrating namas from around the world. We sold out of the 100 tickets in just two weeks, so we know that the Bay is full of NamaHeads.

When we started planning the event we weren't sure who'd want to join, but pretty soon, we got a bunch of folks from the sake community on board. Sequoia SakeFifth Taste SakeTakara Sake, Den Sake Brewery, Suntory The Premium Malt's Beer all came out to pour their delicious brews. 

While many brought out their freshest brews for the spring season, Takara Sake took it one step further and brewed a special limited edition nama just for our event. It was pressed the day before and we have the pictures to prove it. Special thanks to Daiki-san who brewed the sake for us!

Sho Chiku Bai Limited Edition Nama Brew Date label 4/12/24

Takara Sake's Daiki-san (right) and Yukiko-san (to the left of Daiki-san). Daiki-san brewed a sake especially for the event. Attendees visit their booth.

Check-in happened in the store, with the event itself taking mostly outside in our back parking lot.

Each attendee got a NamaFest branded cup and a checklist of sakes that they could refer to as they worked their way through the booths.

A rainy forecast didn't keep anyone away! And in fact, the rain stayed away until we were wrapping up the event.

Casa de Kei was serving up Tsukune Burgers.

Jesse from Fifth Taste brought his freshest namas.

L-R, Ohmine Winter's Arrival, Koeigiku Harujion, Heiwa Haru no Kunpu.

Matt from Den Sake Brewery was pouring their latest Batch 19.

We also had an array of sakes from Kome Collective and Joto Sake.

Our favorite regulars came right at 1pm!

More familiar faces!

Can't forget the rest of the family.

Jake Myrick from Sequoia Sake poured three of his famous brews.

Ice cold genshu!

Checking off the list of namazake.

We were so happy to see everyone staying until the end

I look like I'm saying something.


Thank you for coming to the first annual NamaFest in our parking lot! We are already planning for an even bigger fest next year and can't wait to see you there again.

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