Father's Day is June 16


We recently added a new product to our popular collection of Hasami Porcelain tea and coffeeware: the dark and handsome Walnut Tray. Like its lighter wood alternative, the Oak Tray, the Walnut version functions as both a cover and plate/coaster for Hasami mugssugar pots, and milk pitchers. Made from solid walnut wood, it goes well with Brown, Black, and Gloss Gray Hasami Porcelain – whether you mix-and-match colors or stick with one hue.

Hasami Porcelain is based in Hasami, Nagasaki, an area of Japan known for its longstanding tradition of pottery that started nearly 400 years ago during the Edo Period. Hasami Porcelain creates beautiful, multi-functional ceramic tableware that are well-designed in their spare simplicity and smart function.