Umami Mart Registry

We have a slew of new products from Japan – that's kitchenware, sakes, beers, glassware, and more! Here are a few that have been especially popular.


Enjoy your next iced tea, frosty, or mojito with this smooth-to-the-lips Aluminum Cool Straw. Be kind to the earth with this reusable straw made in Japan. Also great for bartenders that want to taste-testtheir drinks before serving – just wash and reuse!

Be ahead of the game and have your reusable aluminum straw in hand by July 2019, when the City of San Francisco bans disposable, plastic straws!


Use this handy Mini Funnel to pour syrups and juices into bottles. This tool is made of durable stainless steel, so it's tougher than aluminum and is dishwasher safe.

The mini handle is attached securely to the funnel so you can control the placement of the funnel on bottles with small openings. Great for bartenders who make their own infusions, syrups, and fresh juices.

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