Umami Mart Registry

If you're a regular reader of the Umami Mart blog, you're probably familiar with Japanify, a monthly column written by Yoko featuring Japanese recipes. Upon moving back to the Bay Area after five years of living in Tokyo, Yoko started Japanify as a way of documenting her vibrant food memories from Japan, and reproducing these dishes using locally-found ingredients that would capture the tastes she experienced in Tokyo.

We're excited to announce Japanify All Day, Umami Mart's first published work! This zine features 20 Japanese recipes that can be enjoyed at all hours of the day. Not only are these Yoko's favorite things to cook and eat, but they're simple, healthy, and delicious recipes that we think you'll return to time after time. Japanify All Day was included in the East Bay Express' Food and Drink Holiday Gift Guide, which food writer Luke Tsai says is "the ideal holiday gift for the thrifty home cook or Japanophile in your life."

Stay tuned for an announcement of our Japanify All Day zine release party, which will take place early next year.