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We've put together our best selling bar tools in one convenient set and call it the Bartender's Toolkit. Make your boozy cocktail of choice with these four high quality tools that will last you a lifetime.

#1: Build your cocktail in the Umami Mart Diamond Cut Mixing Glass. This glass has become a staple in the craft cocktail world for its handsome and functional design – its wide mouth and base, sturdy grip, and beaker-like spout make it perfect for building and stirring classic cocktails like the Martini and the Manhattan. 

#2: Measure your ingredients in the Umami Mart Jigger. We worked with Yukiwa for over a year to bring you this jigger with the most coveted measurements – it's the first of its kind in Japan! One side is 0.75 oz and on the other is a 0.5 oz cup with a hairline at 0.25 oz. This jigger allows you to work with precision and speed. 

#3: Stir your cocktail with our Trident Barspoon. Plus, it doubles as a fork to grab garnishes with ease.
#4: Strain your cocktail with our Julep strainer. For years, our customers asked us for a Julep strainer - so we worked together with renowned Japanese bartool makers Yukiwa to design a proper one to accompany our mixing glasses. 

All of these tools come in a handsome case complete with two cocktail recipes! Choose between the Stainless Steel or the 24K Gold-Plated finish. It's the perfect gift for the bartender in your life!

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