Umami Mart Registry

Our best-sellers of the year make perfect stocking stuffers!


#10 Penato Knife
The brass body encases the carbon steel blade, looking sleek in the office or at home

#9 Japanify All Day Zine
Our self-published publication by Co-Founder Yoko Kumano 
full of Japan-inspired recipes

#8 Diamond Cut Rocks Glass
Sip the finest whisky or festive cocktail in this Hard Strong glass

#7 Spherical Ice Tray
Spheres have less surface area, which means the ice melts slower. Enjoy your balls!


#6 Bartender's Toolkit
Get everything you need to make a stirred cocktail in this handsome package
#5 Hamaya Lucky Arrow
In Japan, hamayas drive away bad luck and protect you from harm. Get lucky!

#4 Daily Matcha
A morning cup of matcha helps you perk up without crashing in the middle of the day

#3 Chips Mugs
These playful porcelain mugs have a roomy, angled handle for a comfortable grip

#2 Umami Mart Salts + Spices
Flying off the shelves since collaborating with Oaktown Spice Shop in 2013 


#1 Sake Gumi 
Our most popular product (for two years in a row!) is a subscription to Sake Gumi, our sake club that offers two bottles per month under a specific theme, events, special discounts, and more! Join Sake Gumi by the end of the year to get your first bottles January 15th!

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