Father's Day is June 16

Corn season has arrived. Every Greenmarket vendor is selling them for 50 cents an ear. [Speaking of, why do we count corn in such a way? Don't you think it's a bit odd to think of ears growing on trees? Imagine that.]

Anyhow, I like corn, but it's always annoying when they get stuck in between your teeth. Also, when you get fresh corn in husks, the options of how to eat them are limited. Sure you can brush them with different butter, soy sauce, and other creative ways, but when we eat corns, we usually eat them as is.

I was expecting Nate's parents over for dinner, and thought about what other things I can make with corn. They are from Ohio, where corn originated (not true, but his house is surrounded by corn fields), and needed to come up with an innovative way to eat corn.

So I decided to make corn sherbet. My initial idea was to make corn ice cream, but thought sherbet would be more refreshing.

You can use cream of corn instead of fresh corn, but when you have access to fresh sweet corns, you should take an extra step to follow this recipe.


2 cups of water
1 cup of evaporated milk
5 tbsp sugar (or more if you like it sweeter)
3 ears of corn (which should yield about 1 cup of corn puree)

*If you are lazy, use a can of creamed corn instead of all these individual ingredients, which will work just as fine.

1. Process corn until very smooth.


2. Sieve it or squeeze it through a fine cheese cloth to squeeze out the juice.


I sieved it, and it yielded just about 1 cup of corn juice:


3. Mix all ingredients together and heat up until it is barely boiling. Let cool completely.


4. Once cooled, put in the ice cream maker, and churn it until airy.


5. Scoop and plate.


This recipe is refreshing, and very smooth thanks to the milk. For a chunkier consistency, you could add real bits of corn into the mixture--add it into the actual ice cream machine, in step #4. Make sure to boil the corn first, if you are doing this. It would also be good to cook the corn in sugar to make the corn bits extra sweet.
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  • This looks lovely. I remember when I used to live in Bangkok as a kid, the ice cream vendors used to put sweetcorn (and azuki and young coconut) together with the ice cream. So good.

    sakura on

  • YUM!

    chungy on

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