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We are very sad to announce that we will be closing our San Francisco outlet inside The Perish Trust. It's been an amazing year here and we are so grateful to Rod and Kelly of The Perish Trust for letting us park our little shop here for as long as we have. All year! Ultimately, Yoko and I decided that we want to concentrate on our Oakland shop, which will (fingers crossed!) be opening a Japanese beer and sake shop element in the new year.

We loved having a San Francisco presence and even more, getting to be a part of such a thriving neighborhood! The Nopa district is going through a lot of changes, with lots of new bars and restaurants moving in -- it was so fun to get to know our neighbors, and we thank all of our regular customers and bartenders who came out to support us.

Hopefully we will someday open a shop in San Francisco. But until then, this Wednesday 12/24, Christmas Eve, will be our last day (11am-3pm). Please come visit us! And stay tuned on our awesome project we are planning for our Oakland shop.



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  • wow- ive never been to your shop, but im sad to have missed your sf place. please keep bringing in awesome stuff to the area because i want to visit. im an avid reader of your blog and even more into it because my partner is from Sanjo Niigata and we only cook japanese food at home in Portland. just got a nabe pot and burner as gifts and want you to know that all our japan community in Portland loves your presentation on the internet. Happy new year-j

    joel on

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