Umami Mart Registry

After initially spotting this sake in Chicago and trying it, Yoko knew she had to get it in California for Umami Mart, and first introduced this bottle to Sake Gumi members in June. Sempuku Shinriki 85 is a Junmai Muroka Genshu Kimoto (pure rice, un-charcoal filtered, tank strength, and traditionally brewed in the kimoto style)!

The 85 in the name is also something to note. The rice type, Shinriki, has hardly been polished (just 15% was removed) yielding a bold, in-your-face sake that is umami rich, with notes of honey and bourbon. It’s tank strength, so no water was added after pressing. This means that you will feel the high 19% ABV warming your throat as it goes down. A great complement to lamb and pork or rich cheeses like a triple creme brie or smoky gouda. Recommended chilled.

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