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As a follow-up to our Sakqueso! event over the summer, we partnered with Ramen Shop yet again for Shochu Happy Hour, a few weeks ago. We had a nice crowd of shochu novices and enthusiasts come out and had a great time talking to folks about shochu, Japan's distilled beverage!

We featured four shochus on the menu:

Kuro Kirishima (Sweet Potato)
Kannoko (Barley)
Tori Kai (Rice)
Jougo (Sugar Cane)
Towari (Buckwheat)

It was a warm Saturday afternoon and the light was just perfect inside the Ramen Shop bar. People showed up for Shochu Happy Hour to enjoy the afternoon with their friends and learn more about shochu.

We served the shochus on the rocks in our Faceted Rocks Cups. It is customary in Japan to sip shochu in ceramic cups.

We also offered two shochu cocktails: one was the Yuzu Highball with St. George Rice Shochu. This shochu is excellent for cocktails for its high ABV and grassy notes.

The other cocktail was the Shiso Shochu Mojito, with Jougo shochu, made with sugar cane. The rum-like quality of this shochu makes this the perfect fit for the Mojito variation.

Chelsea was a champ behind the bar, muddling shiso for the Mojito.

And I got to make some too!

The kitchen crew churned out some awesome bites for our event, like these dumplings.

What a fantastic event! A huge thank you to Lauren, Chelsea, and the rest of the Ramen Shop family for letting us take over the bar for happy hour.  

We'll be planning a hot sake event at Ramen Shop in January so stay tuned!

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