Umami Mart Registry

The Benriner company hails from Yamaguchi prefecture in Japan and specializes in making some of the best kitchen tools around. Their mandoline is beloved by chefs worldwide, and Bon Appetit recently declared it as the as, "[The] Kitchen Tool [that] Makes Healthy Cooking That Much Easier."

Slaws, salads, and chips – and that's just the beginning. This all-in-one tool will become your best friend in the kitchen. You can adjust the thickness of vegetable coins and shreds by inserting one of three vertically placed blades to make fine strips or fry-sized sticks.

Speaking of parts, the Benriner mandoline also comes with a finger guard, so you can use it safely as you slice.

Here's a simple Japanify recipe to hone your Benriner Mandoline skills: Harusame Stir Fry. Perfect for a light dinner or pack for lunch as a bento! All you need is the mandoline, harusame (bean thread noodles) some vegetables, and fish sauce