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In honor of the awesome event we are hosting this Thursday with @stgeorgespirits , I want to focus on their California Shochu. It's a kasutori shochu made in Alameda, CA! This means that they distill sake kasu (lees) for the shochu – here, they use kasu from @takarasakeusa in Berkeley. The result is a shochu with a rich aroma of cashews, fresh cut grass, and candy cap mushrooms. And at 40% ABV, it's perfect for cocktail!

This shochu was originally created for Oakland's @ramenshopoakland – if you look at the label, it says "Ramen-ya" in Japanese. Former bar manager @chrislanestinks created several cocktails with this shochu, and this highball is just about perfect.

Shochu Highball
1.25 oz St. George California Shochu
2 oz Club Soda
3 oz Tonic

Stir shochu in a highball glass with ice for 10 seconds. Add club soda and tonic with fresh cubes. Squeeze small peel of grapefruit over glass, then wipe rim and place in drink.

Kanpai and happy #shochusday !

Column: Shochu'sday


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