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Japanify: Pork + Myoga Madness

Myoga madness continues as I experiment with the harvest from my sister's myoga plant. Last week, I topped raw myoga on tofu. This week, I make a stir fry with myoga and slices of pork shoulder. I am very inexperienced with...

Deer Head

Let's give thanks for everything we eat today. Photo by Kelly Ishikawa, a San Francisco-based photographer and the co-owner of The Perish Trust. 


ReCPY: Lux Summer Japanese BBQ

Photos by Derek Dercep. I am currently writing this post from Lake Muskoka in Canada. My friend OWNS a freaking island here. Apparently, this lake is ranked No. 1 in the U.S. for summer vacation destinations. Screw the Hamptons, this island is...