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Happy Shochu'sday!

To get us all in the mood for our upcoming Awamori Bazaar event with our friend Nick Korn on July 21, we are featuring Taragawa Awamori this week. Clocking in at 44% ABV, Taragawa is a robust awamori with notes of fluffy boxed cake and as Ian says, wet cement. We love this awamori and I've asked my partner-in-crime Yoko for her take on this Okinawan drink:

"This full strength awamori reminds me of the hot sticky summer days in Tokyo in of one of my favorite neighborhood izakayas: Washio. This is where the master would grate fresh wasabi and use as garnish (with some green shiso) on a heavy rocks glass full of ice and wild, grassy awamori. RIP Master Washio!!!"

Yoko made a video of Master Washio making this specialty cocktail in 2012. Check it out on our blog.

I hope you will all make it to our Awamori Bazaar event on July 21 – it's going to be super educational and fun!


Column: Shochu'sday


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