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These colorful hinoki (Japanese cypress) Ohashi Masu are made for serving sake, but you can use them for holding office + art supplies, business cards, spices, jewelry, and a whole lot more. In the case of these masu, getting creative means thinking inside the box.

Ohashi has been making its hinoki masu for more than 60 years in Ogaki City, Japan. Their boxes are made from recycled wood, which means that you can rest easy that no cypress trees were cut down for the express purpose of making these masu, and that materials that would've been scrapped are getting new life. Added bonus: Hinoki wood has a pleasing woody fragrance and  antibacterial properties.

We carry the following Ohashi Masu combinations: Blue and Green, Red and Orange, Red and Blue, Pink and Purple, Yellow and Orange, Pink and Red, + Yellow and Green.