Umami Mart Registry

Japanese craft beer makers, Yo-Ho Brewing Company in Nagano, makes a beer called Sorry, which is actually an umbrella name for a series of unique brews that share one thing in common – they're beers that the brewmasters wanted to drink. The series' full name is "I'm Sorry! I Didn't Ask You What You Like." All Sorry beers are made without adhering to recipes or conventional methods used to create typical beer styles. In the case of Sorry Umami IPA, it's an unapologetically Japanese beer, made with katsuoboshi, or dried bonito flakes. In case you're worried, this beer does not taste like fish! It is, however, very dry and drinkable, and the addition of bonito, along with hops, gives it a nice savory flavor – umami to the max!

Sorry Umami IPA is extremely limited. Get what you can before it's too late. You'll be sorry if you miss out.