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Shochu is finally getting some big love Stateside, thanks to a well-written piece in Playboy about the Japanese spirit. The article features an interview with Yoko!!!

Shochu is Japan's distilled spirit. It is not sake, nor a wine. Think of it this way: Mexico has its tequila, Russia has its vodka, the Caribbean has its rum, and Japan has shochu. It is not to be mistaken for soju, either.

But let's not get caught up in the technicalities. Yoko and I love shochu and we are just happy that it's being discussed by such an esteemed publication. Jason Horn, the writer of this piece, has contacted us on a few occasions about sake, and we were so excited when he said he would be writing all about shochu. Thanks, Jason!

This makes shochu not only famous (almost), but it also makes Yoko the Umami Mart Playmate of the Century.

Read the full article on Playboy!


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