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New to sake and intimidated by the commitment of bottles? Need an unique gift for a friend? Or perhaps you just love the look of this assortment of sakes in cute cans and glasses. We don't blame you – they're so fun! Whatever the occasion or reason, we think our One Cup Sake Sampler Gift Set is a safe bet for bringing a smile to someone's face. The sakes range from extra-dry to sweet + sparkling, and the set comes with a Sake Tasting Notebook for you to take notes about each brew you've tried. And everything comes neatly packaged in a white gift box with decorative tape. We told you, fun in a box!


The sakes inside include an extra dry Joppari “Warrior” Honjozo, a medium-bodied and easy-to-drink Hakushika “Tanuki” Junmai, a fresh and ricey “Kibo” Junmai, a strong and fruity Funaguchi "Gold Can" Honjozo, a light and creamy Akishika “Bambi” Junmai, and a sweet and bubbly Ikezo "Peach Jelly" sparkling sake. All six sakes are brewed in Japan.

As with all alcohol, you must be of age to purchase the One Cup Sake Sampler Gift Set. By placing an order, you represent that you are at least 21 years old. See more details and the states to which we ship alcohol here.
Column: Sake Spotlight


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