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Is this the pop-up that the world has been waiting for, or what?!?!?

We’re excited to announce that Danish design and ceramics makers Studio Arhoj will have its first U.S. pop-up shop inside Umami Mart! The Studio Arhoj Pop-Up will take place November 18 through December 24, just in time for the holidays. Umami Mart will offer the largest selection of Studio Arhoj products outside of Copenhagen, including several new and out-of-stock items, holiday cards and ornaments.

On Tuesday, November 17 from 6-8 pm, we’re hosting a Sneak Peek Preview of the Studio Arhoj Pop-Up. Guests will get a first look at the Studio Arhoj products for sale, along with free Japanese sweets and refreshments, and an exclusive Studio Arhoj Goody Bag that will only be available at the Sneak Peek Preview. Special thanks to HEY YUM! for making Studio Arhoj Goody Bags possible. Join us at the Studio Arhoj Pop Up Sneak Peek Preview and get your holiday shopping done early!

Anders has been a part of the Umami Mart family since 2009, when he first started contributing to our blog with his food packaging and design-focused musing as Skankynavia (remember Faggy Foods?). He is the designer of our Oakland shop, including the conbini and the newly launched Bottle System where we feature Japanese beers and sake. We are one of the few stores in the U.S. that carries Studio Arhoj products, including exclusive Umami Mart collaborations.

WHAT: Studio Arhoj Pop-Up Sneak Peek Preview
Featuring a first look at Studio Arhoj Pop-Up, free Japanese sweets and refreshments, and exclusive Studio Arhoj Goody Bag

WHEN: Sneak Peek Preview takes place Tuesday, November 17, 2015 , 6-8 pm

Studio Arhoj Pop-up continues November 18 through December 24

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Do not miss this historic Umami Mart x Studio Arhoj event. When we run out, that's it, so we urge you to come to our Sneak Peek party! You do not want to miss out on the Goody Bag.